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Hongta fast shutter doors by the Division We leam from foreign advanced technology and equipment, and to draw on the advantages of similar products in domestic self-developed high-tech products.

With insulation, insects, wind, dust, noise, anti-odor, lighting and many other features. It can be widely used in food, chemical, textile, refrigeration, electronics, printing, assembly, precision machinery,logistics, warehousing and other places. Can be extremely satisfying frequent high-performance logistics and clean place with a variety of needs and saving energy, increasing air-conditioning effect, fast closing, improve operational efficiency and creale a better work environment.

Widely used in food chemistry textile electronics supermarket refrigeration logistics, warehousing and other places

Maximum size: W6000 * H6000MM exceed this range according to the site specific production process Wind resistance of up to 1176pa


Red orange yellow, green, blue or black gray transparent
Chassis made from 2MM thick galvanized steel plates at both ends by a thick 6MM steel production. In the end plate mounting reel bearings, drive motor mounts balanced system components and mounting holes,steel surface paint treatment to the guests desired color. Reel mounted on the chassis by a spool shaft bearing and other components.

1.5MM thick cold rolled steel or 1.5MM thick stainless steel
1,2MM PVC transparent window

Drive Systerr 220V / 380V 50Hz IP55 power 0.55KW-6.5KW
PLC converter, adjustable delay off, greatly improving the efficiency in the use and life of German goods into the encoder.

Door Control System
Geomagnetism, radar, airbag, infrared, remote control or by hand switch.



To achieve the position, speed and torque of the closed-loop servo control, open loop control to avoid frequency door switch of the accumulated error and interference error is not a long-running door moves.


Integrated integrated design, excellent EMI / EMC electromagnetic compatibility design. Improve existing PLC + inverter + encoder complicated wiring electromagnetic interference exists, to avoid wiring and plug fault caused.

high speed

Motor maximum speed of 4000 rev / min, maximum operating speed of 1.95 m cube / s high speed motor for better efficiency


Flexible Quick Start - high speed - flexible slow stop, S-curve velocity profiles stepless adjustment, advanced intelligent constant torque servo system, the output torque to follow the door running load changes, jitter-free low-speed operation. Smooth and stable high-speed operation.

custom made

Up to one hundred by the control parameters, engineers can each door to the best colleges and universities, with a unique system sets the status parameter memory function, and can be a key to restore the memory parameters at the time of failure.


In case of an emergency signal when the motor dynamic response time of less than 30 milliseconds. By inertia punch does not exceed the maximum level of protection 5MM Client Security

high frequency

System after 200,000 consecutive uninterrupted operation test for ultra-fast frequently open environment.

Energy Saving

The system uses permanent magnet synchronous motors, motors using rare earth permanent magnet material is higher than traditional asynchronous induction motor efficiency doubled. With energy-saving light weight low temperature torque overload twice the advantage.

“Flexible start > Acceleration > Speed _ Smooth —> = _ L : L | | High speed > Deceleration — Low a Flexible stop

@High-speed operation without mechanical shocks, Slift curve improve system life P @Unique S lift curve technology, cube landing in the high speed adjustment from the above servo position loop, speed control loop. @Ultra—smooth not shake down @Speed multi-stage smooth motion, efficiency is still far more than ordinary movement.

280-——— —t js

Small volume light weight Powerful, fast speed Can be used frequently,stable operation

Low noise,security and stability Control precision,Soft curves

A vibration test anti-jamming test
frequency test hiah-voltaqe test static shock test

Modern production and distribution process require high efficiency. Rapid logistics need to reduce access time and high-speed, safe and reliable door. Fast shutter doors are designed to meet these needs. It is widely used in food and pharmaceutical electronic cigarettes and other textile printing factory packaging workshop clean to prevent loss of cold anti-mosquito and other industrial plants in the region isolation.

Fast Open: All fast shutter doors are required to be opened quickly in order to ensure fast and efficient and energy saving.

Open the door to stop and reverse the bottom fast shutter doors mounted sensing means to ensure that the process of closing the cube Here are a moving object by object or portion of a slight collision: the use of security.

Impact resistance: When fast shutter doors impact or collision, the automatic derailment systems and automatic reset device will play a role in the door after the impact that requires no special tools to restore the working state in a short time.

Reliability: fast shutter doors must have electric and manual features to ensure that in the can manually.
Door: high-strength polyester fiber, the surface of the epoxy coating refers to the soft agent made with the door.
Tear strength: greater than 500N
Low temperature cracking temperature: Ling 20 degrees, anti-corrosion UV level to strengthen the door to strengthen the door, wind pressure 200N / square meter
Size: 4-10 meters wide 4-10 meters high
Sealing and isolation: door around the aging seal
Noise attenuation: greater than 20D BA
Power and control: 230V / 400V single-phase or three-phase 50Hz
Power: 0.75KW-4.0KW, manual button remote photoelectric switch magnetic and radar and other means
Operating speed and time control: Switching speed 0,6-1.5 m// sec off time: 5-30 seconds
Security protection: photocell sensor, waming lights and other security devices!

Flexible lift gate is a flexible soft curtain door, inside and outside the two curtains, curtains used between the aluminum beams connected with a vertically movable rail, the roof beams have levels not in the same straight line and hangar large plants in particular Be applicable. Flexible lift door installation does not take up interior space in the hole inside. When the first move to open the door, and finally superimposed over the hole. Off event curtain rail first and then fall down until it is completely closed.

The bottom of the door curtain rail aluminum beam frame beam beam seal top drive system and transmission of electrical control systems and safety devices,

Flexible door features:
1. Light weight compared with other types of the same size door, flexible door lighter weight reduces the strength of steel at the top of the doorway architecture degree requirements.Small compared with the same specifications of the machine style doors

2. footprint, flexible installation in the door after the hole is tumed on internally stacked above the hole, do not take up interior space. Large Span hole may be rovided a plurality of movable rail the entire door into several independent stacking doors shorten the span of a single door so that the overall thickness of the door is reduced, further reducing the footprint.

3. rational layout flexible doors with movable rail rail can set different activities based on the specific circumstances of the door into the door several sizes of uneven accumulation of doors to make the building as a whole rational layout greatly reduces the overall architecture of the space and cost.

4. The wind strength between two layers of highly flexible door curtain as the bottom of an aluminum beam has a wind skeleton steel structure. By adjusting the beam thickness and spacing, which can resist wind pressure of any intensity, so the door can be flexible for use in any area.

5. The tensile strength of the flexible door after door curtain is double polyester fabric, high tensile wire rope equipped with ultra-high hole suitable for large machinery such as aircraft hangars and repository.

6. The curtain coated with vinyl coated with a waterproof sunscreen and smoldering performance, capable of sound absorption retardant insulation mildew proof and so on.

7. safe door. Cube with anti-lock break to ensure safety in case of accidental breakage of wire rope jammed in the door quickly experience anywhere rails. Multiple protection features mechanical and electrical installation to ensure the safety of goods passing aircraft and other vehicles and personnel The movable rail is also equipped with anti-fall device, you can ensure reliable parked at the top of the hole after the movable rail is raised without falling. The bottom of the door is equipped with an airbag, it will immediately rebound to rise until the safety door drops open when obstacles encountered in the process. You can also install infrared protection device on the door.


Hard turbine speed door: set energy-saving insulation and efficient wind environmental seal in a new metal industrial doors, opening speed of up to 1.5 meters per second. For applications that require frequent rapid opening of the logistics channel. Insulation thickness 0.7MM aluminum door intermediate polyurethane foam, total thickness 40MM door wide 185MM per meter weight 1.63KG. Having good thermal insulation and light weight impact strength and other characteristics, wind rating of greater than 12 and theft. The door is suitable for indoor and outdoor fast-track logistics and production, The door type for enterprises save a lot of energy due to air flow generated loss than ordinary industrial sliding doors shutter doors save energy about eighty percent. Rapid opening and closing of the door so that enterprises in the rotational speed of the production and logistics of the door is greatly improved enterprise logistics and production must pass through the channel selection and its use is pace TW directly related to the efficiency of production and logistics.

This product has high reliability,practicality and easy operation and quick fix for me. Drive control using a stable energy-efficient and accurate hard to guarantee Fast and reliable operation of the door system the door to ensure trouble-free operation every year more than 250,000 times

Technical Parameters

Underground Garage channel used in various fields, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and food processing. Wind insulation has security features such as fast
Width: 1250-7000MM height: 2000-8000MM
Wind performance 3.5KPA reached 6 GB, wind 12
Opening speed 1-2.0M/S

Double spiral turbo aluminum rails, door rises when no contact between the door and the connecting member, no wear. Smooth switching speed smoothly. Environmental quality CNC bending galvanized sheet molding thickness 3MM, extemal appearance and dustproof

40MM aluminum door is not less than the thickness of the internal filling polyurethane insulation materials industry. Adopt intemational advanced heat treatment method of the bridge, to the domestic energy-saving windows and doors 7 standard.

Aluminum frame with double polycarbonate plate, good transparency. High temperature anti-Joe injury. Height: around180MM

System error code by LED touch screen display function, easy to modify the operating parameters can also set the system password:

1 has turned protection when the motor drive controller direct lines are wrong door stop alarm system comes with variable frequency operation

2. Limit repair function, and without extemal electromagnetic brakes can stop the motor at the specified location so that when the door is not the limit stop error

3. memory function after power failure, the direct power-on reset operation can no need to manually again after power failure

4. adjustment motor with overload current protection

When a power outage, or manually. With the balance of the system will hold up the door, the door can be an effective solution due to power failure or malfunction caused the problem can not be opened

1. an infrared security electric eye: both sides of the door with a quick eye on the door beneath the radio when there is an obstacle protection door open. An object through the door will automatically return to the open position again to be timely closed below no obstacle when the door close

Radar, geomagnetic sensor, Bluetooth, remote sensing, hand switch

SIMPLEHARD FASTDOOR 7/2 efficier al in a new envircond. Applicable to the neec

LU = | baleen) eretclareL f more

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a and outside the door «

1 fast repair character

sure tha ERENT




» Parameter Description:
Running speed: open the fastest 1.5 m/s
Off: 0.6-0.8 m/s
Curtain thickness: 43MM 60MM 80MM

Rail: Combination Guide EPDM aluminum cold — rolled steel plate 3MM galvanized sheet

Industrial door dedicated servo system:
Small size, low power consumption, stable performance, reliable and low energy consumption, Absolute Encoder Set the opening height of the door to be safe and fast without loss of position. The fault detection level and fault indication can quickly troubleshoot the cause and find out the fault. Reliable acceleration and deceleration should be effective protection of motor and brake mechanism. According to the actual need to adjust the number of different speeds effectively extend the life of the machine. Application of the servo system can use the door to the various signals and commands to quickly respond to the door to run more balanced.

power system:

Dedicated servo motor or SEW motor safety protection system, infrared switch / safety contact or pressure wave switch magnetic coil protection switch 1800MM high light curtain.

» Security protection system:

Infrared security switch:

In the door frame on the ground 500MM from the ground to install a pair of infrared on the radio switch when the door down while there are pedestrians or objects through the door will automatically rebound to open.

Magnetic line safety switch:

Under the door in the ground buried magnetic coil When a forklift or car and other large metal objects through the magnetic coil in the magnetic field of magnetic field lines of information into a signal to the control system, the control system to respond in a timely manner to open the door

Bluetooth RF:

Bluetooth RF open technology to run objects close to the door when you can open, no window card

Infrared safety light curtain switch:

This is installed in the direction of the door and out of a group of high 1800MM by 20 groups of uniform array of infrared transmitter to receive the composition of the security system to protect the face of greater security in the maximum possible to reduce the blind area, the door after installation out of 40 Group probe is equivalent to 40 groups of infrared security switch.

Belt Tension wheel

Hofic automatic doors is the introduction of European advanced technology imported from Germany and configuration. Using the principle of rotating suspension developed luxury automatic door products. Advanced control system imported from Germany and the motor and reducer, More comprehensive security requirements of the system, showing the beauty of fashion.

Properly handle the flow of people in and out and take into account security and orderly access. Stable and reliable operation, long service life. Field applications such as: hotels, apartments, supermarkets, showrooms, office buildings and other places.Microprocessor-controlled to automatic doors with more human characteristics, to ensure the continuous monitoring of the position of the door and out of order.

Provide a variety of functions choice: simply adjust, easy to operate. Using worm gear structure, efficiency and low noise to maintain longevity. Smart structure design, install smaller size to better facilitate the construction and installation and guaranteed to run at low temperature and high temperature environments with ease

Model ale )i(mr 8) Hofic-150

Sliding type Single door double door Single door double door Width of door 700-1300MM 700-1100MM 700-1500MM 700-1300MM

Opening speed 100-550MM /S Operating Supply Voltage AC180-250V 50-60Hz

Operating temperature Positive Negative 20- 50 degrees

Optional access control system induction sense Radar sensor

Motor and transmission device

1 || fa Multi-function control directly adjusts the operating parameters ' ©Suitable for a variety of mobile door profile rails
—_—— fs, © Installation height is convenient Suitable for different needs ©Smooth and safe operation OStandard with a variety of additional accessories A variety of program switch sensors and door profiles to choose from ©Remote remote start (the longest distance of 20 meters or less from the remote control switch door)

B Die-cast aluminum frame type, good gloss, and outsourcing materials and colors with different materials: stainless steel patterns, mirror stainless steel, aluminum fluorocarbon coating, anodizing, copper ornaments and so on.

lM The use of glass laminated glass, bending glass, tempered glass, special glass

@ The ceiling composed by a wedge-shaped, in harmony with the material and color of the whole door jamb

@ Canopy made with plywood or metal dust treatment, for
sealing outdoor rain Processing

@ Energy saving, quiet, stable, long life, digital process control
system with easy operation

@ With anti-collision, anti-trap detection and other security people, people with disabilities slow function, emergency stop
function, the door speed automatic boost function as well as fire, power failure automatic conversion.

As automatic door opening way: automatic glass sliding doors , 90 degrees swing automatic doors, automatic doors curved glass

As door body style have: aluminum framed glass automatic doors, stainless steel framed glass automatic doors, frameless all-glass automatic doors, etc,

As door sensor way: infrared sensors, wireless push button switch ,card reader , foot sensors glass door.

1. Sensor selection: high-class hotels, office buildings, you can choose a high sensitivity sensor; in the sidewalk of banks, shops and other places people often pass by, choose a narrow area sensor

2. Safety assist: high-end hotels and other places to eliminate the induction time people folder, you can choose to install folder to prevent human infrared sensors and safety light

3.With backup power: In order to ensure power outage automatic doors can work, can be equipped with reserve


Medical sliding door, each door has a single whole steel plate, lined with aluminum profile inner frame and high strength honeycomb panels, surrounded by high quality stainless steel shut perfect treatment, high dimensional accuracy, closed surface
made of high quality EPDM special rubber seal to be perfect seamless seal. Bao steel steel board used in all high-quality cold-
rolled steel, the surface with high-quality weather-resistant color pure polyester electrostatic powder coating, its performance in line with GB5237.4-2000 standard (in line with European standards QUALICOA, D), and the development of a variety of wood effect. Door Press (medical diagnostic X-ray emission prevention health protection requirements) lining thickness corresponding stereotype, protective harness toward lining 2mmpb thickness, the thickness of the other Immbp protection. The vertical axis hinge design unique, different from the conventional hinge, changing the point of impact to avoid sagging door, making more durable protective door, you open smoothly.

— saat = iat
Automatic medical airtight doors with airtight sound insulation, thermal insulation, fire protection, radiation protection.
1. Using a small volume, high-power brushless DC motor, frequent opening and closing, also can be long-term
trouble-free operation
2. The sides of the door equipped with professional vacuum airtight tape, using a unique compression technology to
ensure the door when the door is closed with the close coordination to achieve reliable sealing effect.
3. with footswitch and special handle, health care workers to open the door easily, when power outage it can be
opened by handle.
4. The safety sensors can effectively prevent the clip people, also can be set to automatic door sensor drive from indoor
5. Also can be opened easily by a remote control
6. The user can set the sensor effects, the flexibility to set the sensor operation mode according to the doctor's work
habits and characteristics of various types of surgery, in order to achieve the best results.

Designed for clean room environments such as hospital operating rooms, pharmaceutical production plants, precision equipment factories, food shop, laboratory access port.

Technical Parameters:

Power Voltage
Power consumption
LDrerolam cleat <200kg
Opening / Closing speed 20-60cm/sec (eileen EEN, Auto/Induction

Safety Light Beam Switch:

This is which accord with the European standards, with a completely interference immunity. Also accord with ESC standards and in line with the French government about the workplace regulations require automatic doors.

Accord with German regulations concerning the outer doors of power starting


Product Features:

1. Door panel inside filled polyurethane foam with technology overall high-pressure, high-strength aluminum alloy frame, the automatic lifting large platform hydraulic pressing equipment. Good flatness special equipment and technology to ensure the door leaf surface can be

customized: various sheet matte stainless steel, spray steel,aluminum, electrolytic board, PVC panels, door panels can choose a variety of spray color

2. The door frame both sides, the top and middle |embedded seal, in line with the hospital use of health |requirements

3. The door frame and the door can be lined with a stereotype for radiation protection.

4, 304 stainless steel frame, door frame embedded in high-quality imported materials special seal, fill the internal doors special polyurethane foam hair. Single door, double door, double door, sizes customized.

5. Applications: hospitals, operating theaters, clean room, laboratory.


Industrial doors are composed of a series of door (common metal or cloth material, etc.),industrial doors on the appearance of the structure unique design. It has a torsion spring system and weight system to protect the balance of the door, different situation can choose different ways to enhance, and a variety of colors.

Use and control: this door can be with manual and automatic mode on and off, for the needs of different customers
Reliability: All parts of the door are aimed at the needs of users design and production, strict quality control, good performance. The industrial door and gate specially designed and made from high quality Process color steel composite panels, door panels impeccable quality.

Convenience: even manually open or close the sliding door is also very easy, because 90% of the weight of the door by a spring balance, the spring is a rear door of each scientific design configuration. Our company has a sound industrial door production equipment and contro! elements.

Use security: all products meet national safety standards, our industrial doors can be equipped with a double safety device.


Industrial sliding door with molded inner and outer double steel door surface coating polyester high temperature treatment, the middle filled with polyurethane insulation, door thickness of 40-50mm, solid, insulation, thermal insulation, dust-proof, wind-resistant; rail adoption galvanized steel sheet strengthened external torsion spring balance system life of more than 50,000 times, there are both internal and external seal-tight manner, frost, moisture, heat insulation.

Security: door is equipped with an airbag bounce apparatus and infrared sensing function, when the encounter resistance or obstacles, door safety device will automatically rebound, avoid pedestrians and vehicle damage.

Sponge door called you to reduce energy consumption and can effectively improve the working environment. Door type with thin-shaped design, the gasket is simple plated steel, durable. In addition, the unique design of effective pressure to reduce friction with the truck dock door seal between the door and prolong the service life of the cover material.

Product features and specifications:
Abrasion resistant fabric material, extremely resistant 98% recovery, bul also to maintain flexibility below -40 degrees in the environment Foam pad with anti-wear properties to extend the life of the door seal; Plated steel liner Eliminate potential problems in the past wooden liner distortion and easy corrosive; Wear pleated blinds Divisions on both sides and above, to provide additional wear protection, effectively extending the service life of the door seal;

Yellow warning strip

Using reflective properties of warning strip, having better security;

Sealing performance of different heights provided by the use of adjustable top design to reduce air convection, reduce the depletion of storage temperature, so as to achieve energy saving effect.

With weight balancing system adjustment easier Stainless steel chute and pull handle has a better anti-rust steel corrosion.

Fast bottom seal design effectively reduce the gap at the bottom of the compartment.


Mechanical loading door seal made of aluminum profiles from the front frame and the rear frame composition, they are connected to each other via a bracket. Frame structure with reinforced polyester fiber fabric wrap. When the vehicle is parked is not accurate, the sides and top door seal due to squeeze retracted, this time at the top will automatically rise, which reduces the loading on the vehicle door seal damage, the front frame fixed to the wall with two layers of fabric reinforcement material in the main wear area at the top of an opening, if necessary, it can be a slight increase in the cost of a top wall with two layers of overlapping material division into strips, loading doors closed when provided includes all fixing materials and sealant.

1. Stop the yellow navigation bar = NB standard width

2. Bracket NH standard height

3. sidewall OP length head curtain

4. Aluminum SP head curtain width

5. continuous top coating INT head curtain depth

Section head curtain MH Installation height RH platiorm height
A Top curtain can be extended to 1200 mm
B Points of seal block


Aluminum alloy garage door

parameter description: door opening: w=2860mm* H=2450mm
faceplate: 2700mm*H=2450mm
material: Aluminum alloy, 2.0mm thickness
panel; Surface imitation wood printing, pros and cons box shaping,finger protection design,panel thickness 40mm

color:white porcelain(white porcelain,classic wood grain,imitation copper grain)

hardware; printing,2.5inch guide,82B ! torsion spring — Porcelain white aluminum alloy garage door

Easy operation: remote control,large remote control range, valid within 30mters
Quiet and low noise: when door running , noise level blew 60db, the best ideal product instead of roller shutter door, ensure a modem living environment of quiet and convenient.
Beautiful and durable: double steel panel inside and outside of the door, polyurethane insulation, panel thickness 35mm-40mm, solid and insulation (-40degree-80degree)
Security: during door closing, start automatic bouncing function once door meet block , protect people and cars from hurting , there also have infrared sensors (optional)
Reassurance: anti-theft alarm function, when someone breaking door, tweeter will alert(optional)
Remote control receiver system: superheterodyne receiver transmitting and receiving , high stability, rolling code, strong confidentiality;
Relieved: backup battery when power failure , no need to manually open the door(optional)
varieties door opening ways: remote control, electric, manual control ways , and the door is also equipped with emergency power locks
Door locking anywhere (patent item): when power suddenly failure and the door equipped with backup power not fully closed ,simply pull the clutch again, the door will be locked.

Using advanced hot-dip steel color paint with color and aluminum painted baking sheet, precision roll forming production process, polyurethane foam that free of hydrofluorocarbon inside door, light weight, high strength, appearance nice. The doors have advantages of tamper anti-theft , noise isolation thermal insulation and corrosion resistance; the doors are widely used in shops, garages, houses, supermarkets, warehouses and industrial plants, etc.

Depending on the characteristics of the buildings,we can choose interior, exterior and intermediate three different installation ways, doors stay in the upper part of door after rolling up , this could save garage space, and also could keep the garage clean and beautiful by prevent the mud, rain and snow ,etc going into the garage.


Material characteristic: Using high quality aluminum extruded shutter profiles, multi-layer painting or film layer surface have excellent scratch resistance function, not decay, wearable and anti-collision.Nice white profiles, accepting mass customization according to users requirements(light gray, brown, cream, wood, fused, sand color and light sand color ,etc)

Integrated protection and decorative features together,the best replacement of traditional theft network security replacement; flexible way open ways, supporting hand control, group control. The door could be your safe rescue channel when in emergency.

When in state of close, support ventilation and lighting, this contribute to enhance the cooling and heating effect of air conditioner, ensure safety, comfortable, energy saving, noise isolation and aesthetics.

User-friendly design, stylish,durable ,safe anti-theft ,lighting, ventilation ,aesthetic ,practical, thermal insulation and free adjustable ,anti-peeping.

Intelligent control, multiply driving modes.

Variety of colors and styles optional.

Providing a comprehensive,specialized system solutions as users different requirements.

Easy to operate, size customizing according to human engineering Proportion; reinforced dasign of hand gear box reduce friction and extend the overall lifetime , save effort and make it more efficient(operable area

Easy to operate, economic and féliable, take up less space,pulling rope is high-quality nylon rope, longer life, and also could be used together with lift mechanism device, operation is more humanize, operable area < 4square motors ) .

Radio control, arbitrary domination,there exist single control and group control modes as different requirements.

Operating as simple and practical as general electrical switch, in the day of intelligent home, this operation can be directly connected to the intemet.


Material: polycarbonate (PC bulletproof plastic) Using aluminum profiles for door connection piece, two-layer structure , special design ,embedded into the door sheet. Simple and elegant, strong resistance to stress.

The base is made of aluminum alloy, special design, corrosion-resistant simple and aesthetic. Mute track is made of aluminum alloy, dual-slot design, the mute material can be embedded into the slot, and creating a quiet environment.
Control system : 24V DC , mute operation, safe and reliable , durable and long life . In the case of obstacles ,doors rebound or stop automatically stop during opening and closing process.

Door opening and closing process, lighting and delaying three minutes automatically ; users can switch to manual option when power failure, uninterruptible power supply . Please contact with our technical department for particular requirements.


In the medium of modern smart card technology , the system set
computer data , image processing technology, electronic control technology and mechanical manufacturing process as a whole,achieve a high degree of automation and intelligent parking management, improve the efficiency of managers, especially in image contrast and license plate recognition and other modern monitoring facilities, effectively prevent the loss of the vehicles and put and end to charging vulnerability of parking , make parking management become efficient and convenient, accurate and impartial.

Charge management computer

The temporary card message

Video soqulaltion ond Communication conversion card

Video line

RS 485 Communication line

Gate line Gate line

case Export sluice gate Export camera

Entrancejcase Entrancejcase Entrance camera Export

Remote Bluetooth series

Main technical parameters:

Working pattern: optical excitation positioning, CDMA bluetooth communication, sleep wake

Power supply: DC12V-18V 3.24

Adapter: AC110V-220V / DC + 12V

Bluetooth Power: 12W

Working Frequency: 433MHZ

Infrared frequency: 28KHZ

Carding reading angle: 80 degrees

Card reading distance: 1-20 meters

Label agreement: CDMA

Interface Type: Wiegand 26/34 RS232 / 485
Storage temperature: -45 degrees to + 95 degrees
Operating temperature: -30 degrees to + 75 degrees
Relative Humidity: Max 95% GBXT-301 GBXT-304 GBXT-305
Standard Parking Lot System

Fixed cards can be set arbitrarily to one way pattem or multiple passing in and out pattem; Sector operations for IC cards,unique IC card charges offline,and reduce the reliance on computers and networks; While achieving offline operation,displaying and broadcasting the license plate number, The remaining parking space are fixed, temporary cars counting separately,independent display,improve the utilization of parking spaces,no admittance when full bit optional; Real-time display machine number, system self-test function displays the fault code; Online upgrade, hardware upgrade simply download the package via 458; Supporting multiple charging standard,seven major users can freely set charging standard,meeting the different charging standard requirements of various regions; Users can freely set varieties of operating modes for the parking lot; Users can freely set card reading and card tacking for cars coming;

Supporting card tacking out and in automatically,comes with card pre-reclamation feature and card pre-reading function,ensures that each temporary car can take a correct and effective admission card,maximum reduce the loss of the card unusual problem;

You can bound the card to a license plate number when card authorization,each time passing in and broadcast the license plate number real-time,improve management level of the parking lot; Flexible license plate comparative function,compare vehicles that passing in and out with the license plate registration in the system automatically,window pops up for administrator to confirm or change the car when it's inconsistent,can achieve charge of temporary cars passing in and out without card.


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