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Hermetic door

The hermetic sealed door we had a brushless DC motor as the core of its driving. Hermetic doors for hospitals can be operated with one or two ways. There are embedded exterior installations and installations. The function of the hermetic sliding door is to prevent external and internal air exchanges.

Hermetic door features
The operating system adopts modular design, maintenance free drivers, high-efficiency motors, and micro chips, which effectively guarantee excellent performance and strong driving forces for sliding doors.
Hermetic sliding doors need less valuable spaces when operated produce fewer air disturbances make them ideal for the environment.
Smooth smooth pressure mold construction is easy to clean, does not accommodate bacteria. The door sealed Hermetic is very strong and durable, but light and easy to operate.
Open Option Multipurpose: Overhead sensor, system-press button, foot sensor, fingerprint system.
Aluminum door framed with double glass windows.

Sliding Door for Hermetic Closure
Hospital system
The hermetic sliding door of the hospital system range is an integral solution for the operating room or clean room, because it maintains the pressure difference between the inside and outside the operating room or surgical area. The sliding option allows to get a broad opening for the passing of personnel and sanitation stretchers, up to one meter and half in one leaf door.

Group Hermetic Doors are available with finish in three materials (stainless steel, high pressure lamination antibacterial, HPL, and glass) and lead layers can be included for radiological space or acoustic isolation.

Maximum security, in accordance with European regulations (Une-EN 12207 Class 4 and Une-EN 16005)
Elegant design and easy to clean
Format available for architects: PDF, BIM and CAD
Technical specifications

Available in one or two door leaves
The width of the standard free standard of 1,200 to 1600 mm (one door leaf) and 1600 to 2000 mm (two leaf doors)
Finish in stainless steel, HPL and antibacterial glass.
Available with lead protection from 1 to 4 mm
Various safety and activation devices
The windows are introduced, with venetian blinds, electropoparized glass and / or lead protection.
Stainless steel frame.
4-door Hermetic classes according to UNE-EN 12207
Special design and dimensions on request.

Clean Hermetic Door
Clean Hermetic Door is your first defense line in health care, giving hermetic seals to air and dust. They are designed to meet health and safety requirements while easy to use every day.

Clean Hermetic Performance has been certified by advanced laboratory tests, which means safe and reliable.

The door opens automatically, controlled by various systems that are suitable for each use case (remote control, foot or push button, hand-free switch, radar detection, etc.)

The leaves are made of rigid core covered by a high density lamination panel that comes in various colors. Other material or cover is available to meet all specific applications (sound insulation, transparency, wet environment, etc.).


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