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Design principle: energy recovery fresh air ventilator is an energy-efficient ventilation device, which is divided into full heat recovery type (all heat exchanger) and sensible heat recovery type (sensible heat exchanger).

Its core function is to use indoor and outdoor. The temperature difference and the humidity difference of the air, through the good energy-removing characteristics of the energy recovery ventilation movement, generate energy exchange at the same time of the two-way displacement ventilation, so that the fresh air can effectively obtain the temperature in the exhaust air, thereby greatly saving the energy consumption of the fresh air pretreatment. To achieve the goal of energy saving, the energy saving effect is very significant.

Working principle: When the indoor return air and the outdoor fresh air pass through the heat exchanger in a positive crossover mode respectively, due to the temperature difference and the partial pressure difference of the water vapor on the air flow on both sides of the flat baffle, heat mass transfer occurs between the two air flows, causing the whole Heat exchange process.

When the total heat exchanger installed on the system is running in the summer, the fresh air obtains the cooling amount from the return air to lower the temperature; at the same time, it is dried by the return air, and in the winter, the fresh air obtains heat energy from the air-conditioning return air, so that the temperature rises. At the same time, it was humidified by the return air.

It is through this full heat exchange process that the fresh air recovers energy from the air conditioning return air.

Product technical features Two-way ventilation technology: built-in exhaust fan, two-way equivalent replacement, to suppress room temperature changes, so that the room to maintain enough fresh air.

Energy recovery ventilation (
ERV) technology: The high-efficiency static heat exchanger is used, and the energy exchange recovery rate is over 60%. When the air is sent and exhausted, sufficient energy exchange is performed to achieve high efficiency and energy saving.

Features: ventilation and ventilation; energy recovery; perfect mute; long life; reasonable airflow organization; Applicable places: schools, houses, Internet cafes, computer rooms, conference rooms, offices, hotels, hotels, laboratories, chess and card rooms, fitness clubs, basements and other civil air-conditioning occasions and some industrial environments containing odor, dust, bacteria and viruses.

Composition: This machine mainly consists of a chassis, a full heat exchange core, and a discharge fan
Fan Type: increased air conditioning fan
Core: The outer frame is galvanized sheet, sheet metal bending, molding, welding, plate-fin type full heat exchange, pvc+ special ER paper, pvc is 5=0.15mm, ER paper is 60g/m2, high recovery rate, use long life.

Product introduction: This product is a “all heat exchanger”. The outdoor fresh air and the indoor exhaust air exchange heat through the whole heat exchange core. The indoor and outdoor two-way ventilation, the fresh air and the exhaust air are replaced by the same amount, which ensures the indoor air.

Fresh circulation, and energy recovery; built-in cross-flow plate fin-type full heat exchange core, mainly made of special ER paper,long life and high temperature conductivity, will not cause secondary pollution due to the penetration of exhaust gas The optimized structural design, based on the internal air circulation channel optimized by fluid mechanics and the high-efficiency sound absorbing material of the whole casing, is fully silent design; the heat exchange core body and the equipment are connected by one-time forming guide rail to ensure the elimination of fresh air from the exhaust air and ensure the fresh air. Quality; and the core can be removed without tools. It is only necessary to remove a few screws to repair the components inside the unit, and the maintenance is simple and convenient.


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