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Fitting KEMBLA. Copper Refrigeration Fitt


High and low-pressure e Backed by MM Kembla’s reputation for quality, service and customer care for nearly 100 years.
e Manufactured to suit Australian Standard Copper Tube to AS/NZS1571.
e Air Conditioning e Manufactured to meet or exceed National and International fittings standards.
e Refrigeration e All fitting Kembla are made to stringent quality standards and rigorously tested and approved in an 1SO9001 certified factory.

applications including:
e Mechanical Services
e MM Kembla has a range of fittings suitable for R410A Ozone friendly refrigerant.
* Medical Gas Lines ° Kembla Refrigeration Fittings are stocked for prompt nationwide delivery.


* Acomprehensive range of Refrigeration Fittings are available to suit Low-pressure R22 refrigerant systems and High pressure R410A refrigerant systems.
e Fittings suitable for use with R410A are identified with incise marking and a pink label.
e Kembla Refrigeration Fittings are suitable for use with AS/NZS1571, Australian & New Zealand Standard for ‘Copper Seamless Tube for air conditioning and refrigeration’.

e Examples of common Refrigeration Fittings overleaf.
rd ° Copper tubes and fittings can be successfully joined by silver brazing provided rs best practice and correct tools are utilised. E e Silver brazing shall be carried out by professional tradespersons in accordance with the methodology recommended in AS HB40.

Quality e The use of 15% silver solder is recommended when brazing tube or fittings for Spare use with R410A or other high pressure refrigerants.
eee Sa Gaba e Use a proprietary silver brazing flux, ensuring the removal of excess flux after completing the brazed joint.

Technical Bulletin No: D59/13 ® To achieve a long service life from all components. Care must be taken in designing and specifying systems to resolve mechanical and thermal stresses.


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